Travel agencies

SMS notifications and Bulk SMS in tourism branch are as follows:

  • perfect marketing tool that reaches exactly to a selected group of Clients;
  • building brand awareness within prospective Clients;
  • lower costs born on the maintenance and agency promotion;
  • prestigious brand positioning as an opened to modern communication channels following new technological trends.

Applicable to:

  • Informing Clients via texts messages about new offers consistent with their expectations e.g.:
    ,,Dear Kate! Only to 15th November 15% discount on 16-days stay in Koggala, Sri Lanka, Family hotel * * *.”


  • Clients’ notification via SMS about the reservation and SMS confirmation about payment made e.g.:
    ,,Your reservation has been accepted. Please enter advance money in amount of 1200 euro to 16th May 2012″


  • SMS campaigns promoting LAST MINUTE offers e.g.:
    ,,It’s been only 5 days left! 25% discount on trip to Singapore! All inclusive, * * * * hotel, Taba.”


  • SMS notifications containing the details concerned with departure/ turnout e.g.:
    ,,We want to remind that departure from London airport takes place at 7:00 on 23rd Feb 2012. See you!”
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