1.What is Esmslk.com?

EsmsLK.com  is an International  SMS Provider which allows you to send Unlimited Branded SMS anywhere in the world.


2.How many SMS can I send Per minute?

You Can send up to 1000 SMS per minute.


3.How many characters can I use Per 1 SMS?

You Can use 160 characters maximum per 1 SMS.


4. Can I send messages to anyone for my product advertisement or any such purpose?

Yes, you can use this service for your advertisement by sending messages to your customers as well.


5. Can I use this service for sending messages on my products or services info, advertisement or any such purpose to my customers or intending customers?

Yes, you can. This service is meant for you.


6. What is sender ID? How do I set them?

Ans. Before you start sending SMS, you need to set your name or number which would be displayed on the receiver’s mobile phone. You can set any number or name (not more than 11 characters) such as your GSM ID which belongs to you. The sender ID can be set in the sender tab of our web interface or desktop application.


7. Can I change my sender ID?

Ans. Yes the sender ID can be changed and you can use any name or number within 11 characters.


8. Can I send SMS with alphanumeric sender ID?

Ans. Yes, you can send SMS with an alphanumeric sender id except to CDMA mobiles because they do not support alphanumeric sender id effectively.


9.I sent a text message and it was not received by the mobile subscriber.

EsmsLK.com’s SMS sending has 65% Success Delivery Rate. There are some reasons why SMS messages did not arrived.

  • Invalid mobile number.
  • The mobile phone that you are trying to reach has been switch off or is out of coverage.
  • Carrier-to-carrier error or network congestions.
  • If the status is Delivered and you do not receive this means either your country is blocking our numbers or there is no carrier-to-carrier SMS agreement in place.


10.Can I send spam or unsolicited SMS?

WE DO NOT ALLOW any unsolicited SMS, spam or illegal sms from our site. EsmsLK.com is tracking every single user who uses this free service. This means that all transactions are recorded and will be use against who violate and abuse the service.

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